Our Leadership

2019 Board of Directors

Jane W. Peters

Myra Goodman-Smith
Vice Chair

Susan H. Davenport

Vineeta Shah, MHS, R.D.                              

Patte G. Koval
Immediate Past Chair

Cecilia E. Barbosa, Ph.D., MPH
Lissy S. Bryan
Barbara Ruffin Cone
Susan Brown Davis
Marietta Shelly Dormire
Kirsti A. Goodwin
Terrell Luck Harrigan
Nadine Marsh-Carter
Constance M. Pechura, Ph.D.
Erica M. Royal, M.D.


Past Directors 

Corliss V. Archer
Jeannie P. Baliles
Viola O. Baskerville
Nancy R. Belleman
Emlyn C. Bode*
Mrs. E. Parker Brown
Mrs. Charles W. Byrd*
Berenice D. Craigie
Nancy B. Craigie*
Mrs. William M. Davenport
Mary Lou Doherty*
Susan W. Eckis
Carol S. Fox
Margaret R. Freeman
Mrs. Horace H. Harrison*
Iris E. Holliday
Mrs. Philip W. Klaus, Sr.*
Jane N. Kusiak
Beverley C. Lacy
Mrs. Alexander W. Neal, Jr.*
Dorothy A. Pauley

Cathy N. Pond
Jane Davenport Reid*
Dianne Reynolds-Cane, MD
Panny Rhodes
Megan W. Rose
Helen J. Ryan
Gail O. Straus*
Mrs. R. Wilfred Tuggle*
Barbara B. Ukrop
Cabell Goolsby West

Bold - Directors Emeritae
* - Deceased

Director Emerita is a lifetime designation for those who previously served on the Retreat Hospital of Lady Managers, as well as those who have received an honorary designation.

Primary Staff

Mary Sprague
Senior Community Engagement Officer
Phone: 804-409-5647
Email: msprague@cfrichmond.org 

The altruistic and unprejudiced ideals of Annabella Jenkins provided an example for our board of directors to follow. Today, they are fully engaged in finding new and effective ways to support compassionate, affordable care for the Richmond community."

- Bev Lacy, First Chairman of the Jenkins Foundation